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Kais Khoury, professionally known as KAIS, is a Jordan born, Canadian producer, singer-songwriter, guitar player and recording artist.


Blending a fresh fusion of Indie, Alternative, and Soul-infused Blues & Folk Rock, he's creatively addressed a wide array of topics. Recognizing music as a tool that could move and influence people, he first wrote about world issues like war and global warming. Today, his poetic complexities have grown to express the plain difficulties of being human. Always a lover for mysticism, he's woven a fine balance between natural inclinations and the demands of the social world. For the most part, he certainly is no stranger to wanderlust and has expanded the boundaries of his spiritual development with an avid love for traveling and open expanse sports like kitesurfing and even skydiving. 


Gradually having made ripples in the music industry as an independent and self-funded artist, he's performed quite a number of gigs since the early 2000s. In 2014, he took part in the Mayor of London Big Busk. That year, he put a stamp on his music career after graduating with a diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering out of Point Blank Music College. It's safe to say that he's dabbled with electronic sound design and other far-reaching aspects of the music industry, and has prolonged the rewards of that entrepreneurial musicianship with a broader vocabulary and a hands-on approach. In alliance with a full band, he continued to perform throughout Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON and Seattle, WA in 2016 and 2017, and was set to perform at SXSW in Austin, TX in 2018. Recent achievements include an 'Honorary Mention' in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, a 'Best Out of Province' Nomination at the 13th Annual Toronto Independent Music Awards and a 'Lyrics Finalist' in the 2017 USA Songwriting Competition.


As of October 2018, having moved back to the Middle East to support his family business, KAIS inaugurated his personal state of the art Recording Studio on the island of Cyprus, which even hosts artist Rehearsal Spaces and a Music School (Website: www.hotsoapstudios.com  / Instagram: @hotsoapstudios). He now helps jumpstart the music careers of other artists in the region. 


Although he has retired from live performing in the last couple of years since moving back to his hometown, he gradually continues to write and record music now with greater maturity and a stronger approach, all to be released in due time. One thing seems certain for this artist... His intense passion and an insatiable thirst for self-betterment are taking things up a notch for both him and the steadfast comrades by his side. 

"Judging by his music, work ethics and quality of content, there’s no doubt that KAIS is a force to be reckoned… it’s surprising how he hasn’t been signed yet by any of the majors!"

-  Audiosteez, Keeping up with the latest sounds



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“Take Me Home - A provocatively tender tender Indie Rock ballad for the homesick. Indie artist KAIS has moved from strength to strength throughout their accoladed career, after quite literally putting their birthplace of Jordan on the map, they've started to garner plenty of International hype for their provocatively intuitive approach to production.” 

- A&R Factory

“Overall, a very impressive release from KAIS but what’s even more impressive about Seven Shades of She”, is the fact that it is boundless in every sense as the artist pretty much morphs into a combination of Montell Jordan, Adam Levine and Elton John to produce an exquisite and progressive indie/soul album which for all the good reasons, stays in your head all day!” 

- The Dope Approach

"The production is very neat and the overall sound is refined and melodic, while KAIS' vocals and delivery are every bit as good as the artists he aspires to be. Quite reminiscent of contemporary indie rock pioneers Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Rob Thomas and The Verve – Kais could give all of these a run for their money when it comes to creativity and originality."

-  Blatant Misrep

"Flows superbly from one song to another, highlighting KAIS' understanding of music aesthetics as he delivers hit after hit after hit, showcasing exactly why he's not just "another" random act."

-  Oddfuse

 Directed by Richard Paris Wilson

Produced by Jeremy Burgess


✭ 19th Indie Memphis Film Festival ✭    Official Selection

✭ Montgomery Film Festival    Official Selection

✭ Montgomery Film Festival ✭     Audience Award for Best Music Video 

✭ VOTD's Video of the Day ✭     Winner - March 28th

✭ Azalea Film Festival ✭     Official Selection  

✭ London Independent Film Festival ✭     Official Selection & Winner for Best Music Video

✭ Tupelo Film Festival ✭     Official Selection

✭ Sidewalk Film Festival ✭     Official Selection

✭ Austin Music Video Festival ✭     Official Selection


✭ International Songwriting Competition      Winner - Honorary Mention 2016



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